Interior designing: Country style design

Modern country style is a combination of tradition, charm, rustic and simplicity. It is highly popular these days due to the appeal it provides. It appears pretty eclectic when upgrading the home with clean paints, rustic touches and DIY ideas that can be utilized to enhance the existing décor.

From barn doors to vintage-inspired wood floors, the look is ideal for traditional homes and even for modern spaces. In this day and age, the country style design as inspired home owners all over the world. It even includes artisan items like rugs, furniture and decorative pieces.

Here are some important elements of country style design that can elevate the whole look of your interior design.

Contemporary and vintage-inspired pieces

The room must consist of contemporary and vintage-inspired pieces that adds character to the whole interior. The materials can be gracefully mixed to create a completely different look. Materials like wood and stone can be combined together to add more personality to the appearance. It doesn’t only focus on the appearance but also enhances the overall functionality.

Wood features

Wood features
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One of the most important element of country style design is wood. Country style design would always feature wood either as a part of architecture, decorative elements, cabinets or furniture. It includes using natural wood as well as contrasting textures.

Your own creativity can be incorporated in the interior design to add more uniqueness and individuality to the whole area.

Stone accents

Stone is an ideal way to incorporate an industrial contemporary modern tone to the room. The fusion of modern elements with historic and rustic touches can add more excitement to the overall design.

A wall and fireplace featuring stone carvings can be placed. This is a beautiful way to add texture and a sense of rustic history. Another timeless feature of modern country style design is neutral colors. The colors used can create a more welcoming atmosphere. From wood to stone, every element plays an important role to enhance the overall appeal of the room.

Walls and soft furnishings

Colors must be chosen very carefully to create a modern country style design. Elegant colors such as weathered earth tones, light and dark grays and whites are preferable when it comes to modern country style design. The colors can act in contrast with wood and stone and other exposed architectural elements. This even focuses more on simplicity.

A country style home must include some pop of color and a bit of saturated dark tones.


The space and objects of modern country home is a place for living. It is a combination of aesthetics with functionality. The elements of décor are blended with light and colors. The room evokes a soft minimalism and country feel.


Here is how a room can be decorated in line with modern country style design. These five elements must be incorporated into the interior. It is imperative include all of them to establish a country style design feel.

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