5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Increase Your Home’s Resell Value

You don’t need to have a real estate license to know that selling your home for a fair price involves a lot of “playing the game.” This means there are steps you can take before your home hits the market to increase the value of your home. The idea is to make a smart investment on the right renovation projects so that you can make a greater profit in the long run.

While real estate agents have debated which renovation ideas actually pay off, here are some tips to increase your home’s resell value by remodeling your bathroom that are known to work. Whether you’re a family looking to move or a real estate agent who loves to flip houses, these tips are sure to increase the resell value of any home.

Install a double vanity countertop space.

This is a very attractive feature for families who have to share bathroom space but probably can’t justify spending their own money to replace a perfectly working sink. These convenient fixtures provide more organization and storage space and help busy families save time in the mornings if they don’t have to fight over who gets to brush their teeth at a time. In fact, more and more prospective homeowners have cited double vanities as one of the most important features of a new home!vanity countertop space

If a replacement is needed, stick with porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Simply put, the average homeowner can’t tell the difference between high-end flooring materials and regular ceramic. Opting for simple tiles lets you save hundreds on the floor replacement while advertising a brand new floor to buyers.

ceramic tiles

Install a water-saving toilet.

Similar to double-sink countertops, a water-saving toilet is a feature that will be attractive to families even if they can’t afford to renovate a perfectly toilet out of their own pocket. The great selling point here is that this toilet will help families save on their water bills (as well as sleeping a little better at night knowing that conserving water is good for the environment).

If your prospective buyers want more specific numbers, recent studies have shown that older toilet models use 5-6 gallons of water per flush, while newer toilets use 1-2 gallons, according to WaterSense. They’ll save on the order of tens of dollars per month, which might seem small in the moment, but will definitely add up to big savings over the lifetime of the toilet.water saving toilet

Install glass shower doors.

Shower doors aren’t really any more functional than a plastic shower curtain, but they help create the illusion of a larger, more open bath space. Glass shower doors let the light and air into the bath space, which will help an average, end-of-the-day shower feel just a bit more luxurious. If you think prospective buyers would be worried about privacy, install a good lock on the bathroom door and opt for warped, distorted glass panels that aren’t as clearly see-through.

glass shower doors

Update the lighting.

People spend a lot of time in the bathroom making sure they look presentable, so good lighting around the sink and vanity area is absolutely essential. Make sure the lights are close enough to the wall, not directly overhead where a person would be standing at the sink, to avoid casting annoying shadows.bathroom lighting

Bonus: people love dimmer switches as opposed to flip switches in every room of the home, and these are relatively inexpensive to install.

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